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Welcome to my blog about female/maternal global health. For some time now, I have been intrigued by medicine - both the history of past medical practices and the future that we are working toward. As a result, I have begun to look into the topic of maternal health - a plight that the world has struggled with for millennia. Although it has become clear that we, as a global society, have made tremendous headway in protecting women's health worldwide, there is still much to be done in order to completely eliminate the problem. In this blog I will summarize and discuss my research as well as debate/support the convictions of others. Through this project I strive to make the world more aware of the global issues surrounding maternal health and of that which each person can do in support. Thank you for visiting!

Personal Learning Network

United Nations website
       The United Nations' goals surrounding maternal health care throughout the 20th and 21st centuries.

New England Journal of Medicine
       New England Journal of Medicine's take on the goal set by the UN in 2000.

Amnesty International
       The issue of maternal health is not only a global health crisis, it is a human rights crisis.

The Guardian: Maternal mortality? It's just poor African and Asian women dying
       Addresses the issue of why maternal mortality has been placed on the back burner even though it is such a huge issue.

Gender Health
       General overview of the global health crisis, actions to be taken, publications on the subject, links, news, etc.

       Maternal mortality rate is the best health indicator between the poor and rich countries of the world.

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